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Walton County, Florida
Road Dryer allows paver to complete an extra 2 to3 miles each night

The Anderson Columbia Co. Inc. leased the Road Dryer TD-1200 on two occasions for night repaving jobs in Walton County in Florida’s panhandle. Both projects involved closing down one lane from 8 pm until 6 am the following morning. The milling crew was charged with removing 2 inches (5cm) of old pavement so the paving crew could follow behind with new asphalt—and be off the road by 6 am.  Because the milling process uses water to cool the teeth of the grinders, the surface of the road is left wet and unsuitable for paving until dry. Using more water decreases wear on the machines and speeds the milling process, but also further delays paving. Traditionally, brooms are used to spread standing water and speed the evaporation process, but cool nighttime temperatures and Florida’s characteristically high humidity both slow the drying process. Florida paving companies have tried fans, torches and infrared drying systems, but all are slow and relatively ineffective.

That’s why Anderson Columbia put the Road Dryer RD-1200 to the test on these two nighttime paving projects. The Road Dryer allowed them to save wear on their milling machines by using more water and then quickly dry the milled surface with hot air. This increased their speed, allowing each crew to pave an extra 2-3 miles (3-4km) per night without increasing manpower on the crews. The savings were obvious.

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