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Specifications of RD-1200

The Road Dryer RD-1200 is a portable self-contained system designed to be towed behind a truck, broom or tractor for the purpose of drying and heating the pavement's surface.

The power and heat for the machine are provided through the burning of #2 Diesel fuel drawn from the on board 100 gallon (371 liter) Diesel storage tank by the 85 HP Kubota Diesel engine and direct spark ignited 2.5 mm btu/hr burner system. Air temperature control and combustion safety are provided by the electronics package which monitors the combustion of the fuel to assure that the pavement is not overheated or contaminated with un-burned fuel.


24' 6"
7.47 m
Width 7' 6" 2.29 m
Height 7' 8" 2.34 m
9,300 lbs
4220 kg
Tongue Weight
1,200 lbs
544 kg
Fuel Consumption of #2 Diesel Fuel
15-20 gal/hr
57-76 L/hr
Rate of Travel
(Foot or Meter per Minute)
Normal Moisture (0-1 Hour After Rain)
Heavy Moisture (Puddles)
Light Moisture (Partial Evaporation)
20 ft/min
10 ft/min
50 ft/min
6 m/min
3 m/min
15 m/min
Operating Limits, Continuous Operation
Upper Short Term Limit Set by HI-Limit Control
Kubota V3600-TE (84 HP Turbo-charged)
Fuel Storage
100 gal
379 L

†All weights and dimensions are approximate. Conversions are rounded. Drawings can be provided upon request.
Subject to change without notice.
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