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1 Fresh air is drawn in from the surrounding environment by a process fan direct-driven by an 80 hp Diesel engine. Air is screened at the fan inlet and then delivered at high pressure to the heating chamber.

2 The pressurized air flows through the outer chamber, insulating it from the flame, and absorbs heat from the combustion chamber.

3 The central combustion chamber contains a Diesel burner fed by a fuel pump and combustion fan. The burner flame is wholly contained in the inner chamber and insulated by the large outer chamber. The operator controls the heat output to deliver required air temperatures for road drying based on weather and environmental conditions.

4 Exhaust from the burner system is combined with the pressurized air in the plenum chamber. The hot gas stream is uniformly distributed to six high temperature transfer hoses.

5 The hoses deliver the high temperature / high pressure air stream to a series of nozzle boxes. Each box contains multiple nozzles that focus the airflow for maximum efficiency.

6 The top layer of ground or pavement is heated instantly and any water or ice on the surface is instantly evaporated and the moisture is carried away from the road surface, as the hot air stream rises.

RD-1200 Specifications Sheet

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