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It is our mission to enable our customers to earn a profit through the use of our innovative equipment. To accomplish this, we will bring visionary products to the marketplace that exceed our customers’ expectations in both quality and performance. We will back our products with relentless customer service, guaranteeing the best possible experience.


The Road Dryer organization employs an experienced workforce at its corporate offices in Greenville, South Carolina and manufacturing facility in Palm City, Florida. We provide innovative products and services to the asphalt paving and related industries worldwide. Our technical staff travels extensively to provide startup, on-site training and service for Road Dryer machines. We also lease equipment throughout North America and can provide experienced operators or on-site training of your own crews.

The Road Dryer was designed with the paving professional in mind. Our objective is to build a brand that is known for quality, reliability and superior customer service. The Road Dryer RD-1200 brings innovative technology to the paving industry, allowing contractors to deliver services in ways not previously possible. The ability to dry paving surfaces on demand provides unprecedented flexibility to paving companies in meeting budgets and timetables by minimizing delays caused by weather or wet conditions. This added control means less down time and higher profits.

Our dealer network is expanding. We currently have dealers in the United States, Russia and The United Kingdom and are actively developing new dealer relationships. We expect to have dealers throughout the world within a few years. In the meantime, our corporate office handles sales to all unassigned areas. Contact us to inquire about purchasing a Road Dryer unit or becoming an authorized Road Dryer dealer.


Ever since asphalt paving began, road contractors have been slowed down by Mother Nature. There is not a single successful operation that has not been hampered by wet, cold, or snowy roads putting the contractor behind on a project, causing logistical frustration and reducing or eliminating profits altogether.

Over the years, more than 25 different contractors throughout the world have tried to build their own personal road drying machines. None of these attempts was successful, but that did not put a damper on their entrepreneurial spirits, as they have tried to continue to solve the moisture problem by using existing technologies designed for other applications. The jet engine dryer, infrared heat and portable blowers combined with brooms and manual squeegees have been mildly successful, but each has its frustrating limitations. To quote a local contractor interviewed during the initial design phase of the Road Dryer: “It should not use jet fuel, be too loud, burn holes in or melt the pavement, be hard to service or throw rocks, nuts or bolts through nearby car or building windows."

The real solution is a machine designed specifically for the “Road Drying” application that uses the basic engineering principles that are universally proven to enhance evaporative drying: convection and heat. If you blow hot air on any wet surface it will dry quickly. Road Dryer, LLC designed a machine for no other purpose than drying the pavement surface before paving. See our “How it Works” animation on this website for a visual representation of the process.

The current Road Dryer model RD-1200 uses hot air, is simple to operate, uses #2 Diesel for fuel, can be pulled behind a pick-up truck or tractor, can be adjusted for 8 ft to 12 ft (2.4m to 3.7m) wide drying and has night lights, all based on input from contractors who were involved with the initial field testing. It is a machine built with contractors' input, for contractors, and supported by a group that has served the road construction industry for 30 years. We understand what you want, and we will continuously try to improve the product with feedback from you, our clients.

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