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  RD-1200 on Russian Motorway


Road Dryer helps Russia build her super highway system

The Road Dryer RD-1200 was used to speed up the paving process and roadway striping in Russia by a variety of road building companies. There are currently several major road construction and maintenance projects underway. Recently concluded work, included the Olympic Village for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.  Road Dryer machines helped assure that the roadways were ready for the thousands of automobiles expected to be heading to the Olympic Games.

In addition, the M9 Route, also called the Baltic Highway, a 320 mile (515 km) long road that leads from Moscow to Russia's border with Latvia, is currently being refurbished. This is a major project expected to take several years to complete. The paving season in this northern region of Russia is quite short with the spring and fall months consisting of heavy rainfall and dew, all of which slow down the contractors' efforts to complete the projects in a timely fashion. The Road Dryer RD-1200 is being used ahead of the paver and striping machines to insure that the road surface is dry for their work to be accomplished.

Road Dryer's distributor in Russia is ROATEC RUSSIA, Road Construction Equipment, St. Petersburg.

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